Hello, my lovelies.

So if you haven’t already guessed my name is Ashleigh Louise Davis. I am a young 22-year-old inspiring blogger, you can find me located in a lovely little village in the heart of Kent, South East, England (roughly about 40 min from the city of London) when I am at home but half the time I am off on a new adventure somewhere exploring that funny looking planet we call Earth.

Before I go into all the boring details on my life, what I love and how I got to where I am today I should probably tell you the reasoning for this blog and what you can expect to see on here. I have always been intrigued by reading other peoples blogs, Whether that’s being fashion, travel or lifestyle related. Eventually, after a few years, I have finally plucked up the courage to start my own. This blog is going to be full of all sorts of weird and wonderful things, whether you are looking for travel tips, how to get over heartbreak or even just interested about reading the random things I get up to in my life.

So the main thing is Why should you read my blog? What makes my blog different from others? And my answer to that guys is, I truly believe in order to be a successful blogger you need to be emotionally involved in what you discuss and be able to relate. This way you and your readers can get emotionally involved together and support one another, It’s a journey you both can go on and that is why you can count on me and my posts. I care about what I write and I truly want to impact people’s lives by the contents of my blog.

Why did I decide to make my blog? (Sorry this might be a long one) Many people have many different reasons as to why they blog and I think most people’s reasons influence their writing a lot. Well, this is my story, Since the age of 13/14 when I hit puberty at school I started having a very hard time mentally. I was never bullied and I always had lots of friends but I was different and I knew that. I started having panic attacks and developed depression & anxiety, although this was never actually diagnosed until last year I always knew it was there. I carried on daily putting up with my thoughts and feelings because I was always told “you are just hormonal” “you will grow out of it” So through the years I have learned ways to deal with it.

I left school at 18 after completing my GCSE’S and A-levels and due to being so unhappy with my life I booked a one-way ticket to go traveling around Thailand and Australia in April 2014. After booking this I got a part-time job at a local supermarket. I met my first ever proper boyfriend, It was a romantic love story, he was a shelve stacker and I was a younger naive checkout girl. I fell in love almost immediately it was very hard not too, he was charming, tall, dark-haired and handsome. At this point, I almost forgot that in 4 months time I would be moving to the other side of the world for 2 years. However, romantically he decided to book a ticket and come with me.

Sounds dreamy right? well, unfortunately, that’s where the good news ends. We went traveling for the 2 years it was very stressful at times and hard but we dealt with it and made it to the end together. We came back to England in August 2016, 3 days before my 20th birthday. My birthday arrived on 6th August when my boyfriend decided he no longer wanted to be with me, My depression was hard to be around and he didn’t want to deal with me anymore. Firstly no one should ever be made to feel like that because of mental health. The next 2 months were just a blur to me I went through so much heartache and pain that I simply didn’t even want to live anymore. He made me feel like a disappointment to my friends, family and even myself for being the way I am. I don’t want to go into too much detail about this time but a lot happened and I struggled very much.

A few months after this time I was still in a bad place and hadn’t really spoken to many people. My best friend decided to introduce me to this guy she worked with. His name was Luke. Luke and I hit it off from the second we spoke, we just seemed to talk about the most random things for hours and it would never get boring. Luke treated me like a princess in a way I had never been treated before, we used to sit on a hill-top by my house for hours and talk about how neither of us understood how crazy this world was. The best thing about Luke was that he really understood the way I was and was supportive of me in every single way. I told Luke about me wanting to blog and he surprisingly was the one who told me I would be fantastic at it. I appreciated having this boy in my life more than anything especially after everything I had been through recently.

The 23rd November 2016, Luke and I were spending the day at my house before he had to leave for work at 5 PM. We had the most amazing day doing nothing of course but still seemed to be perfect. That night we spoke about the way we both felt about each other and you could tell by our eyes something sparked that evening. 5 pm came way too soon and we said our goodbyes as he left. Not knowing that was the last time I was ever going to see him again. Sadly Luke crashed his car around the corner from my house and died instantly at the scene. Each day since then has been the hardest for me and these are the reasons as to why I have decided to blog,  I would like to express my thoughts and feelings, share stories whether they are sad or happy because that is life and help others who have been through similar things to me.

This is my sob story and reasons behind the way I am. I understand everyone on this planet has and will go through hard times. I just think it’s important that we all stick together and help each other through. Although this is terribly depressing, I do not wish for this blog to be all sad and negative and in fact, I hope it will be mostly positive. My aim is to help people get through the tough times, instead of dwelling on them, express them and show ways we can overcome them together.

If you have got this far firstly congratulations and secondly I hope you stick around and enjoy my future posts.

Lots of love.


Rip Luke. This is for you. Thank you for inspiring me to do this! ❤