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I began my blog as a hobby but it very quickly turned into a career. Of course, it did not happen overnight but I reached that goal in the end. I soon learnt how to start making money from my passion for writing so I started to focus on that direction. Regardless of whether or not your goal is to make money with your blog. You should always put your enjoyment first and foremost. If you go into this purely for money then I don’t think a writing job is for you. In my opinion, you can spot these writers from a mile off and you want your readers to truly trust you and know you’re in it for the right reasons.

My main reason for blogging is solely to help others! I decided to create a motherhood, parenthood and family fun blog when I fell pregnant with my first. I was always into writing but becoming a mother really made me realise how much a website like this was needed. Of course, I am not a professional but I wanted a space to provide advice, guidance and show parents that they aren’t alone. Just like the 2006 hit movie High School Musical were all in this together.


Blogging is most definitely the new YouTube. It’s never been as popular as it is right now and so many people are starting to get involved. It’s such a great way for you to get your voice heard and be able to share your thoughts, feelings and knowledge out there.

Although there’s no right or wrong way to start a blog it’s always good to have an idea of the approach you want to take. It’s all about planning and being prepared and that really did help me to make my blog a success. I love a good notebook, planner and/or a list! I mean what writer out there doesn’t? So I made sure to write plenty of the above and now I’ve been blogging for almost 4 years. It’s amazing!

Do you have a topic that you enjoy or feel super strongly about? if yes, then creating a blog might just be for you. Make sure to carry on reading now to find out exactly how you can learn to become a blogger today.

mock bundles for bloggers

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There are so many different niches when it comes to blogging. You could quite possibly blog about anything you wanted. Even if you feel like the niche you want to write about doesn’t exist? maybe that’s because there’s room for it in the market. There are quite a few popular topics out there but that doesn’t mean you can’t choose one of them. Some of the most popular niches include; fashion blogging, travel blogging, and food blogging. You might also find a lot of book blogs, lifestyle blogs and a hell of a lot of beauty bloggers too. There’s a whole world out there of knowledge to go and explore as well as a great bunch of people to meet.

As you can see the list is endless so you should have no problem in finding something to talk about. The dreaded question “But what should I write about?” Well, only you can answer that question I am afraid. The answer can be found deep down into your writer’s heart.


In all honesty, it doesn’t matter what platform you decide to use when creating your blog. In my eyes, I believe it’s all about the content rather than what site the writer uses to host. If you are feeling daring you can always design your own site from scratch or if you’re lazy (like me) just choose a mockup bundle and create from any of the following platforms.

  • BlogLovin
  • WordPress
  • Blogger
  • Wix blogs
  • Google blogs
  • Squarespace

With the help of just one DesignBundles mock up you could be well on your way to making money in no time.


Now you’ve got your site and you’re all ready to go it’s time to let your voice be heard. Although, I am all about quality over quantity you should also make sure that you have a lot to share. It’s important to keep your readers entertained and keep your blog up to date with fresh and exciting information. How regular you decide to post really depends on your own personal life but I do recommend a minimum of twice a week.

If you are struggling to show off your creative side then do not hesitate to ask for help. There are loads of different types of professionals out there that can help you succeed! Why not hire a typographer? They are trained to make your writing aesthetically pleasing so don’t underestimate what is available out there.

Before you know it your blog will be up and running and everyone will know all about you. You might even see yourself on the monthly cover of Blogosphere itself! and if not, then sod it! just download a mockup for magazines, design your own and be your own god damn cover!!! (I promise to be your number one fan and read every months edition too).


A preset is one of the BEST things any blogger could go invest in. Although anyone can make their own preset it can often be very hard to do so and purchasing one just makes everything so much easier. It’s not like they are even that dear which makes it even BETTER!

So you’re probably wondering what a preset actually is? It’s basically a bundle of settings added together. They can then be added straight onto any pictures just by a click of a button. It’s like one amazing filter that was created just for you by a professional photographer. When in reality it’s just a bunch of photoshop settings added together to create the style you want.

Just by adding a preset to your photography, it will immediately look like it’s been taken on an extremely expensive piece of equipment. I take the majority of my pictures straight from my iPhone but nobody would ever know that. You know why? Because the preset makes everything look clean, crisp and pristine. Just take a look at the example below and you’ll know exactly what I mean.

mock up bundles
mock up bundles


A mock up is something that I have only recently been introduced to but my god, do I wish I had known about them sooner. What a lifesaver they really are! You can go ahead and create mock ups from scratch but this is something that would take a lot of time and dedication. By using these preformatted mock ups you have everything all ready to go. Your “final product” is basically there, you just need to personalise it with a few clicks and you’re done. How easy is that???


  1. Instagram story highlights
  2. Media Kit Templates
  3. Stock photo bundles
  4. T-Shirt Mockup (Perfect for branding)
  5. Social Media Packs
  6. Quote Print Mock Up
  7. Poster Mock Up
  8. Pinterest Post Mock Up.
  9. Site Design Kits
  10. Moodboard Creator
  11. Letterboard Mock Up
  12. Kid Party Invitation Mock Up Bundles

You will see a reoccurring theme of me mentioning mock up bundles a lot throughout this post. That’s mainly because they are extremely helpful and such a great product to use if you are a blogger. The examples that I used above were just a few of my favourites however, there are so many more to look at. Make sure you check out all of the other available mock up bundles and templates by clicking here.

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If you want to turn your website into a successful blog it’ a good idea to start a reoccurring theme. This could be anything from topics, colour schemes or even the style of writing. This is also known as your site’s brand or trademark. It’s how your target audience and potential customers will know what they associate your service with.

A good example of this would be a company like Mcdonalds. Everyone in this world (whether you like McDonald’s or not) will associate this business with the colours red and yellow.

Another great example would be the cereal brand Frosties. Everyone knows that a tiger is going to tell you that “They’re great” (Please tell me I’m not the only one who knows this because that could be embarrassing).


This is quite possibly my favourite part about blogging as I love getting creative with the designs. As well as getting to see it pay off and having all that traffic come flooding in. Pinterest is by far the least sociable social media site but it is most definitely the best for raking in those views. If you’re looking to make friends it’s all about Instagram and Twitter but if you want to learn how to make your stats boom then you NEED to keep on reading.

In order to succeed on Pinterest, you need to have eye-catchy, clean yet simple designs that make people want to CLICK. It’s been a long process but I think I’ve finally started to crack the Pinterest algorithm. If there’s one bit of advice I could give you, it would be to not give up. Pinterest takes a lot of time and dedication but is well and truly worth it. You can also save yourself some time and check out the Pinterest mock ups available. See, I told you there is literally a mock up for everything in the blogging world.


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Today I strayed away from my usual style of writing but I hope it’s helped any mums or dads looking to share their own stories. The world of blogging is a wonderful place for parents! It has really helped me during times when I’ve felt vulnerable and alone, especially during those horrible baby blues and even more so through the pregnancy hormones. My blog has helped me every step of the way and I really hope it can help you too.

Creating my own blog has helped me so much over the past 4 years. Not only has it helped with my mental health but it’s also helped me choose a different career path as well as learning skills I never had before. From my own personal experience, I could not recommend it enough. I hope that you have found this post useful and you get to create YOUR site exactly how YOU wanted it. If you have any questions regarding mock up bundles or starting your own blog in general. You can find me over on Twitter and Instagram.

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