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Organisation is the key to success. Regardless of your age, gender and/or occupation becoming organised will benefit us all. We all need a little bit of structure in our lives to help us succeed. As a mum who works from home, I too need this (if not more now than ever before). Do you know how hard it is trying to run a blog whilst the wiggles are jumping, singing and screaming in the background? It’s hard, take my word for it!

When I’m not working I quite often find myself watching other mummy influencers like Stacey Solomon and Mrs Hinch. They are the kind of mums that always seem to look like they have everything under control right? I’m sure they don’t because let’s be honest, what mum does?

I’ve found that the difference with them is that they make all the ‘boring’ jobs look fun. Stacey Solomon turns everything into a work of art and I just love that about her. I have started to introduce calligraphy/typography (aka different fonts) into my life and now I’m obsessed! There are so many different ways to use these font bundles and I’m going to show you how…

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Design bundles is a company that offers some of the most unique, colourful and creative design assets including font bundles. It doesn’t matter what your arts or crafts project might be because this site caters for them all. The list of things you can do here is actually endless and I don’t know how I managed before. You don’t have to be a professional to find this site beneficial. It may take a bit of time messing around and tweaking bits but once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll be well away.


Is your little one’s birthday coming up soon? No problem because you can use the font bundles available to create invites, thank you cards and personalised party decor straight from your home. Who needs to waste lots of money and precious time when you can print this directly from indoors! All you need is access to a printer which is a very small investment in comparison to how much money you will save. This is also perfect for the current lockdown situation going on in the world. No party will have to be cancelled if it’s all up to you!

Are you fed up of your house looking like a complete tip 24/7? Well then, let me show you how beneficial it can be to introduce labels! Creating your very own stylish labels can help everyone in the house become tidy and organised. Especially when sites such as Design bundles make it super easy to get access to a whole bunch of free fonts each week. Choose the design you want, get them printed and you’ll be well away to having an organised home like Mrs Hinch.

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Or are you looking for a way to express yourself and share your own motherhood story? Design your very own motherhood blog with the help of design bundles. There are so many free fonts and other ideas ready to be used. Click here to claim your font freebies or if you fancy one of the more interesting packs then choose between thousands of affordable designs and font bundles to help you create your very own space.

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I swear unnecessary labelling is the future now. There’s something so satisfying about having everything neatly organised with name tags. Not only does it keep everything neat and tidy but it’s also really modern and satisfying to look at too. I have started using this website to create my very own labels with some of the most beautiful fonts. So many people sell these labels nowadays but why waste your money when you can create them so easily at home. Design bundles even offer loads of free fonts so that you don’t even have to payout. You just need to download the font you like and you’ll be well away to creating the style you want.


  1. Shampoo, Conditioner and Body wash bottles.
  2. Hot chocolate dust and marshmallow jars.
  3. Washing powder and softener bottles/containers.
  4. Create and label your very own spice rack.
  5. Makeup draws (separate for speed and organisation)
  6. Cereal containers
  7. Storage boxes
  8. Toy boxes.
  9. Personal and important document folders.
  10. Coat hooks.

Anything else you can think of? Get creative and don’t hold back!


I don’t know about you but I am obsessed with prints being placed around the house. I literally have these types of artwork in most of the rooms in my house (a lot of which I have created myself). In my eyes, pictures, prints and frames really do brighten up a room and brings character into the place. Have you ever heard of the saying ” turning a house into a home” well, photos and prints are one of the easiest ways of achieving that. Below you will see some of my latest prints which I have placed in my bathroom. I am in love the subtle but sophisticated look that the different fonts combined together here give off.

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Whether that’s for your own memories or for your babies! Scrapbooks are the perfect way to treasure the moments that matter in a way that’s more than just a photo. I have created a scrapbook for Alexis’s first year. It goes from 0 all the way to 12 months old. I’ve made sure to cover all her major milestones and all the memories we’ve shared together as a family. It’s one of my favourite things to look at and I had so much fun in creating it too.

Design bundles is a website that’s perfect for people wanting to create a personalised and unique gift like a scrapbook. Instead of choosing the easy option and going out to buy a prewritten one. I used all the font bundles made available to create mine the exact way I wanted it to be.


Whether you want to start a blog just for fun or you want to bring in a profit from it. Design Bundles would be the perfect site to help you out for the very start. With the help of their templates, font bundles, and graphic designs you would be able to create a blog to your specific requirements. Don’t get me wrong, they won’t be able to build the blog for you but they can most definitely help you get the design you want.


It’s never been easier to make extra income by designing your own products and selling them than now. With websites such as Etsy, Facebook market place, Depop, and eBay being so popular. There are so many different ways to provide a product/service and sell it straight from your home. The list of things you could make to sell is endless and I imagine the market would be very high for these too. Although, I do not run my own business online I am a returning customer to many that do!

I am all about supporting small businesses and I will always search independently before I go anywhere else. Unless of course, it’s Christmas time then Boots 3 for 2 is always the answer. Especially when you’ve got a massive family like mine. if you are an independent business owner who has any products and/or service to offer then feel free to mention it in the comment section below.

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  1. Mum and baby matching t-shirts and sweater designs
  2. Positive quote tees designs
  3. Quote artwork prints framed and/or unframed.
  4. Birthday cards.
  5. Logos for businesses or bloggers.
  6. Business cards
  7. Flyers
  8. Personalised gifts.
  9. Party decorations.
  10. Stickers
  11. Personalised cookbooks
  12. Personalised notepads/journals.
  13. Keyrings.
  14. Bedroom door name plaques.
  15. Tote bag designs.
  16. Affirmation cards.
  17. Blog template designs.
  18. Family welly boot prints.
  19. Word label templates.
  20. Personalised cake toppers.
  21. Wrapping paper.
  23. Invitation cards.
  24. Thank you letters.
  25. Baby milestone cards.

All of which you can create using their free font bundles!

If you’re sitting there wondering how on earth us mums have time to do this then let me explain. I was always that parent who moaned that they never EVER had time for themselves. The only reason I didn’t is that I never made the time available. Sometimes you’ve got to put yourself first and learn how to make time for you to be you. Although, I love being a mummy! I also love being Ashleigh. Ashleigh is the person behind the mummy blog who likes to read, go for walks, get creative at home and so much more. You’re more than just a mummy so make time for yourself and go and rediscover the other version of you.

Why not test the waters and start today. Go and get yourself some font freebies and see how creative you can get. There are so many different ideas of templates and bundles that the website offers. You might find something you like that I didn’t even mention today.

Remember, If you aren’t naturally a creative and/or organised person then that’s ok because neither was I until now.

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Make sure to go ahead and check out my other social media pages. You will often find me aimlessly scrolling through Twitter and Instagram. Don’t be afraid to pop up for a chat because I love talking and getting to know each and every one of you!

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    • July 18, 2020 / 2:07 pm

      It’s so easy and so much fun! I definitely say give it ago and save yourself some dollar 🙂 x

  1. July 18, 2020 / 11:05 am

    These are genius ideas! I’d come across Design Bundles before for a t-shirt mock up but I hadn’t done much more than that. And I am in love with your two bathroom prints, they look so classy! I know what you mean about making time for yourself, it’s something I really need to put into practice too, but it’s tough when you’re a mum, a blogger and you work. Must. Try. Harder! Lisa x

    • July 18, 2020 / 2:06 pm

      Oh I get that completely! it is extremely hard, however, sometimes I just say I HAVE to make time for me even if it means the house stays messy for one more day but I know exactly what you mean 🙂 x

  2. makeupmuddle
    July 18, 2020 / 5:11 pm

    I’ve bought a few font bundles from there, and they’re so easy to use and are perfect for making your own blog pins with! xo

    Makeup Muddle

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