8 Pregnancy Essentials That Every Woman Needs During Her Pregnancy

Before I knew I was pregnant I never took care of my body as well as I probably should have. As soon as I find out I was growing our little miracle something inside me changed. Pregnancy for me was all about being as happy, healthy and as comfortable as I possibly could be. During those 39 weeks of torture, I tried many different remedies to help get me through. Some working better than others but today I have selected my top 8.

I was only 5 weeks pregnant when I found out we were having a baby. Due to suffering from very early signs of pregnancy, I was scheduled in by the doctor to go and have an early scan. I never realised it was possible to be experiencing symptoms like this so early on but it was. At first, I thought I was just stressed until I finally noticed that the sickly feeling just wasn’t going away and we were having a baby.

What are the first signs of pregnancy might you ask? Well, for me it was all about nausea. I felt sick from the moment I woke up all the way until the moment I went back to sleep. However, the real morning sickness didn’t start until I was about 8 weeks pregnant. I know everybody’s experiences with pregnancy and labour are completely different but this is my story.

21 weeks pregnant

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Queasy Days:

To help you through any queasy day you will need peppermint. Peppermint was an absolute lifesaver for me during pregnancy. I probably consumed way more than the recommended amount but then again it did help me a lot. One of the best products you can use for your morning sickness has to be Bon Bons enriched with vitamin B6 and made with 100% natural peppermint oil. This product was created by a company called Myrtle & Maude. This is a fantastic company who support women through their pregnancy journeys by offering guidance, support and life-saving products. I will be mentioning a few of their products in today’s post.

Within the next 12 weeks, water will also become your best friend. During the first stages of pregnancy, your body is working tirelessly hard so it’s very easy to become dehydrated. I’m someone who quite often forgets to drink throughout the day but within those beginning stages, I was devouring litres of water each day.

I imagine you’ve heard of ginger being a fantastic natural remedy for almost everything. Well, it doesn’t stop at pregnancy. Ginger is another really great source to help with those queasy days. Myrtle & Maude also offer a 100% organic Peppermint & Ginger Tea which is great. I’m actually someone who dislikes the taste of ginger however, these were a lot nicer than I imagined they were going to be. I used to have a cup of ginger tea every morning when I first woke up and 7/10 times it really helped.

Acupressure wristbands are also another must! These were something that I only ever knew of as a child when I used to get car sick. On long journeys, my mum would always give me these to wear alongside a couple of joyride tablets. If any of you have ever had joyrides you’ll know it was the tablet form of the good old Calpol. Yum Yum! I’m not recommending anyone to start eating joyride tablets like sweets but they did taste good.

myrtle and Maude

Labour Days:

Firstly, a big well done to you! You’ve finally made it past the first trimester and you’re well on your way to the important day now. The first thing you need to do is go and grab yourself some maternity clothes if you haven’t already. Oh my goodness, they are an absolute dream to wear. It’s time to accept you can no longer fit into your old clothes. Elastic bands around the waist are going to be your life now.

As you start to get even closer you’ll also notice nesting begin to settle in. This was by far my favourite stage of my pregnancy. There was something so satisfying about cleaning absolutely everything. I don’t just mean a bit of polish and a quick hoover but a complete household detox. Although, you should try to rest as much as you can towards the end of your pregnancy. But, if you’re anything like me make sure you have those cleaning products ready just in case.

Next on the list is Raspberry Leaf Tea. By regularly drinking Raspberry leaf it is believed to, help strengthen uterine muscles, tone the pelvic floor and encourage efficient contractions in preparation for labour and birth. I personally didn’t try this product but I have heard many amazing things. So many people recommended me drinking raspberry leaf tea to help get things moving but I never got around to trying it. If you are looking for ways to bring on labour then definitely give this a try.

Last but not least we have Myrtle & Maude’s 100% organic fenugreek and fennel tea. Another product I never got around to trying but as it does not go out of date I will be saving it for my next pregnancy. I really struggled with breastfeeding Alexis so I definitely want to try again the second time around. Fenugreek and fennel tea is used to help increase your supply of breast milk during nursing. I am hoping that with the help of Myrtle and Maude I will be able to supply my second child with breastmilk.

early symptoms of pregnancy

There’s no doubt about it that Labour and giving birth can be scary. You don’t know what’s going to happen but you just hope and pray everything goes ok. For me, it was definitely the unknown that worried me but with the help of hypnobirthing, I was able to overcome this fear. If you’re interested in learning more about hypnobirthing make sure to click here.

Myrtle & Maude Pregnancy Essentials:

Myrtle and Maude are one of my favourite companies for pregnancy essentials. Not only are their products beautifully designed but they are also made of the most perfect ingredients. Each product has been carefully crafted to give mums to be the best start in life. You can read each of there products on their website in detail and see all the goodness that goes into each one. You wouldn’t consider teas to be able to support you during pregnancy and labour but they can. I love that there is literally a tea for everything. No matter what your problem is I assure you there is a tea out there to fix it.

Myrtle & Maude is a family run business that has helped mums-to-be for over three generations.  A passion for natural and organic ingredients have been part of both Jules and Matty’s families. Going all the way back to both of their grandmothers – Myrtle & Maude.

*I have been kindly gifted a few of the products mentioned within this post, however, all opinions are my own. If you wish to know more information on these selected products please do not hesitate to contact me.*


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    What a helpful post for pregnant women. Some great tips to help! Thank you for sharing Ashleigh! Xx

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      Oh thank you for reading! I really appreciate that 🙂 x

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