SpICE Up Your Summer With Adagio Teas

Recently I collaborated with a very well known brand called Adagio Teas. They have only gone and launched some fantastic new ice tea flavours which I have been extremely fortunate enough to be able to test out and try. As the days have gotten longer and the weather has got hotter, I thought you just can’t go wrong with a refreshing, cold, thirst quenching tea?

I can imagine you sitting there, reading the title of the post and wondering how the hell can you spICE up your summer? Well, with the help of Adagio Teas I’m going to show you exactly how. I’m not going to lie I did try and be clever and whitty but looking at it now I’m kind of debating whether it actually worked. Nevertheless, here’s my take on a new brand with a new ice tea product for you this summer.

adagio teas

Ice Tea Made Easy:

I have always been a big fan of tea whether that being cold or hot, I just absolutely love it all. Ice tea was always something I loved to drink but never realised that it was that simple to make yourself. I love that Adagio Teas supply everything you need, whether that being the flavours, the teaware or even the instructions on how to create your favourite tastes, they’ve got it all.

After sampling a few of their products I found that the White Strawberry flavour was by far my favourite. This unique taste can be enjoyed either hot or cold which I found great with our typical british weather. This delicate white tea from China is blended with the succulent delight of strawberries. With a hint of vanilla to compliment the light and natural sweetness. It creates the ultimate refreshing drink perfect for a hot summers day. Or just like I previously said on a cold day too.

I often find that Ice Teas can be quite sweet which gives you the impression that it may not be good for you. Let’s be honest, if something tastes good it’s most probably unhealthy. However, I love that Adagios teas are completely natural and can be sweetend to the level you desire. I reccomend adding a spoonful or sugar or a drip of honey if you prefer your tastes sweet. If not, just by adding a few bits of fresh fruit you can create an even more unqiue flavour.

You can literally see the ice cold freshness dripping down the sides of that jug.

Adagio Teas, Tea Sampler Gift Sets:

Adagio Teas are dedicated to delivering top quality gourmet tea from around the world, straight to your cup. Not only do they provide the ‘classic’ flavours but some very unique ones as well. As you can see from the pictures I received a few of their sample boxes consisting of the following flavours; Berries Teas, Herbal Garden, Earl Grey Teas and Jasmine Teas.

I really love that this company offer sample sets as not everyone is going to enjoy each and every flavour. But, if you are like me and you’re up for trying new things these are a great idea before breaking the bank. Testing the waters to figure out which flavours are for you before jumping in and purchasing everything (although I can assure you, you’ll end up making a big purchase after a little taster session).

adagio teas

Tea Made Just For You:

The products you can find from Adagio Teas are endless. There are so many different things to try, test and sample. If you were to test them all you’d be their for hours maybe even days. But then again, who wouldn’t want to spend hours maybe even days drinking tea.

But why choose this brand? What makes Adagio Teas different from every other artisan tea company out there? Let me tell you. All of their teas are handpicked and sourced directly from the origin. That means that they are completelt full of nutrients with no added sugars and all-natural flavours. They are also vegan friendly and gulten free, any of the used flavours are from essential oils and the traditional teas are pure leaves. That way these teas are very benefical for all types of people.


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Are you a tea fan looking to try out new, unique and different flavours? If yes, make sure to head over to Adagio Tea’s and find out what it’s all about directly from the professionals themselves.

Although, I have been fortunate enough to recieve a few samples of their new flavours. All views and opinions are my own. I would never reccomend a product that I have not tried and do not love myself.

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