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I was recently contacted by mother and business owner Tanya who runs the company Buff Body Meals. This is a relatively new company who specialises in gourmet door-to-door food deliveries. Their current campaign is to work with new mums who may not have the time or energy to cook themselves the nutritious foods that their bodies need and desire.

The plan was for me to receive a week’s worth of their delicious dishes delivered directly to my door in exchange for my opinion. This was a very new and unique experience for myself but I was really surprised and thoroughly enjoyed it.

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healthy meals

Healthy Meals With Buff Body Meals:

As a 7 months pregnant woman, I’ve become a professional at waddling my way through life. For the first time in my pregnancy, I have been able to take a step back and have so much pressure taken off me. It was so lovely to receive a box of my healthy meals already packaged and prepared for the week ahead. Knowing that not only am I receiving all the nutrients that my baby & I need but also allowing me all the extra time to get things done throughout the day.


Protein Pancakes with Apple Compote:

I’m not sure if you know but on the 5th March 2019 it was the one and only Shrove Tuesday. Due to my favourite pancake day of the year, I decided to settle for the protein pancake breakfast option. These Fluffy pancakes were made with vegan pea protein powder and came served with stewed cinnamon apple compote and fresh raspberries.


Comforting chorizo sweet potato shepherd’s pie:

When I was examining the menu list online I came across the rustic sweet potato mash over chorizo infused turkey mince option. As I am a big sweet potato fan I had to make this one of my weekly choices. Out of everything I got to sample this week, this was my favourite and I would definitely order it again.

Although, this was just a lunch I was shocked with how much I received. The portion size was very big and filled me up for the rest of the day. This was great because not only did it help me stop snacking throughout but I also got a lot for my money. Which as we all know is a huge bonus when you are poor and trying to save up for a baby!

buff body meals

buff body meals

Lightly spiced butternut squash & lentil soup with homemade seeded crackers:

Lunch on day two was a firm winter favourite. The butternut squash was filling yet comforting and to make it even better was served with a homemade seeded cracker. The one thing I found really handy with this was the packaging it came in. The plastic container made it super easy for me to take this to work. Saving loads of time in the morning to get ready and not have to worry about making myself lunch.

I was also really impressed with the texture and flavorings of this soup considering I asked for all my foods to be dairy free. It was an extremely thick soup that kept me going for the whole day. My taste buds just burst with excitement with every mouthful I tried and I just could not fault it one bit.

healthy lunches

Salmon/ chicken breast/ tofu BBM nourishment bowl:

They definitely got the title right when naming this meal because nevertheless, it was a very fulfilling bowl of nourishment. I had the option to choose between salmon, chicken, or tofu and as you in can see in the picture below I went for the chicken. I was pleasantly surprised by the thick slices of chicken breast that came in this meal. Not only was it extremely fresh but also tasted so much better than your typical Tesco meal deal.

The bowl consisted of the following ingredients; lentils, butternut squash, cabbage, hummus. There was a huge selection of virtuous veggies, stacked with protein and topped with a homemade hummus. A healthy meal perfectly in place to help my baby and I grow into the strong women we inspire to be.

healthy meals
healthy meals


Baked salmon with kale pesto, Saffron rice, roasted bell peppers:

Another one of the Buff Body Meals favourites is their salmon dinner dish. The Salmon comes dribbled with a moreish pesto sauce, yellow rice, and roasted peppers.

This option was a risk for me as I’d never tried pesto beforehand however, I loved it! There wasn’t too little or too much sauce but just the right amount to give the salmon a kick. All the ingredients in this were chosen very well and all complimented one another.

buff body meals


To end my experience, I noticed that I was also sent some snacks to sample which was a lovely little extra to my healthy meals box. I didn’t put these on the order form however, they were sent curtsy of Buff Body Meals. This was such a sweet little extra to offer their customers. Not only does it show that the company truly care about making their customers happy but also that they want you to enjoy even more of their products.

In my snack selection I received a box of Protein Date Balls. This is something I’d never tried but they were scrumptious and surprisingly very healthy.

Who’d have thought that healthy food could taste that good?

If you are interested in taking a look at the rest of the Buff Body Meals products, you can find the full menu over on the following link. Although, I do find this very hard to believe if there isn’t anything you like at the moment do not worry. Buff body meals work extremely hard to ensure that their menus rotate regularly, that way you won’t ever get bored.

All the healthy meals stated in the menu above have been prepared by an experienced Head Chef. That way you know that you can expect to get nothing but the best in your home delivery.

ⓘ The package stated in today’s post where very kindly gifted to me however, all opinions are my own. I would never promote a product that I haven’t used or wouldn’t reccomend to my family & friends.

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