Getting A Little Taste Of Paradise This Summer!

In the words of Madonna herself… Holiday!

Now that we’re in summer, a lot of people are going to be flocking to the airport to jet set off to the sunnier side of the world or even go on a two-week cruise filled to the brim with luxury. It’s something a lot of people look forward to, no matter where they are in life, but it’s not something everyone can afford… That’s why you’ve been saving for years now, and it’s also why now’s the time to break open your piggy bank and have the best trip you ever possibly could!

So if you’re someone who likes to travel, now’s the time to make sure you’re going to have the sunniest summer of your life! And that means it’s time to head around the world and pick up everything beach resorts are laying down; here are some places to head if you really want to see what paradise looks like!

sun bathing

Find yourself a good beach to recline on and you’re never going to be happier!

Head to Bali’s Coast

When it comes to surfing and snorkelling and doing everything you’ve ever dreamed of when you’re at the shingle beach in your own country, you’ve hit the jackpot: all these things can be done in Bali. It really is an ocean paradise you’re never going to forget if you go there, and you’re always going to love looking back on how your toes spread out in the white sand beaches and hitting the beach clubs along Seminyak.

Or you could hire out one of the Canggu villas for your entire group, and hold you own parties each night. Seeing as you have the entire place to yourself for a week or so, why not make good use of the facilities? If you can’t own a house as big as one of these, rent one out for a taste of that kind of paradise.

During my time in Bali, we stayed in a villa and I will never forget how magical it was. Not only was it so affordable but was shocking because of everything it came with. Bali truly makes you feel like royalty because of the way they treat you. You could never afford that kind of service in London (Unless of course, you are Madonna).

Cuba’s Waiting For You

Cuba is one of the best island groups in the Caribbean, and that means you should take a chance of it if you’re chasing up the idea of paradise. You’re not only going to find plenty of sand and sun to bask in, but plenty of palm trees to take shade under. It’s something you’re unlikely to find elsewhere!

You can head North to find the Cayo Coco, or you can go the opposite way to find somewhere like Playa Ancón; no matter where you go, you’re going to find a picturesque setting that’s as relaxing as it is romantic! Maybe take your partner along and put a few ideas in their head… What a great summer that’d be!

Paradise is something this world has in good supply, you just have to go in search of it! You can definitely find it at the beaches if you love the idea of coastal life and want to take a holiday sometime soon. Make this summer one to remember, and have plenty of photos to remind you of your taste of paradise.

Travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer.

This may come across a little extreme considering we are only talking about summer vacations but I want you to remember, life is short. If you get opportunities to go away and travel don’t ever turn them down. Like I said before, Travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer.

Having a life full of memories and experiences is never going to be a bad life, let’s be honest.

I hope each and every one of you, no matter where you are this summer has the best time. I, myself am always looking for a bit of holiday inspiration so make sure you share your plans with me in the comment section below. Never too early to plan for next year right?

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