Cosy Candles June Subscription Unboxing & Review

On Saturday morning a parcel from Cosy Candles popped through my door. I was one of the lucky few to have received one of their June Subscription boxes. When I heard that I was getting to work with this company on this package, I was beyond excited. Pushing myself to do something I’d never done before really gave me motivation for my blog. The kind of motivation I feel I may have lost a bit.

Although I have been a blogger for a while now, I have always been very reluctant to get involved in product reviews. This was because I always wanted to make sure my reviews were sincere and completely honest. However, when Cosy Candles contacted me I was so excited I jumped at the chance to get involved.

This was kind of perfect timing for me as my boyfriend and I have just moved into our first home together. I have always had a love for candles and wax melts but never had a reason to use them. Well, now I have my own humble abode I have 100 reasons to buy more and will definitely be considering joining this subscription.

So without further ado let’s get into those handmade soy wax melts…

You might be sitting there thinking what is a soy wax melt? and who are Cosy Candles? well, that’s where my job comes in today. Having been sent a box of these beautiful melts myself, I’m ready to share my exact thoughts on these products.

Who Are Cosy Candles?

Cosy Candle is a monthly subscription box service delivering highly scented soy wax melts. The best part about this service is that the box can fit straight through your letterbox. Therefore, no need to panic about not being home and being able to sign for the parcel. At the moment the company offer two different types of subscriptions which I will be mentioning today. These are the Cosy Pod box for £14.99 (pricer option) or you have the Mini Melts subscription for £9.99 (little bit cheaper).

Lucky me got sent the £14.99 package. At first, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect but was thrilled with what came through the post. I was extremely over the moon with this package, however, the only thing I would say fault this service was there were no instructions. This may sound silly but as someone who hasn’t used wax melts before it would have been handy to have some sort of instructions on how they work.

But nevertheless, the packaging was beautifully presented and smelt fantastic as soon as the box was opened. My June box consisted of 6 soy wax melts in the following flavours;

1: Dark Amber & Ginger

2: Peony & Blush

3: Lemon Shebert

4: Fresh Linen 

5: Pink Champagne 

6: Seaweed & Juniper

As you can see perfectly from the pictures below.

how to make wax melts

how to make wax melts

As humans, we are all completely different. You might not like every scent you get sent but that’s not always a bad thing. You could use the rest as gifts for family and friends and decide on which scents you wanted next time.

What To Expect In Your Subscription Box

When signing up to the Cosy Pod subscription box you will receive the following product;

  • A surprise selection of 6 highly scented soy wax melts.
  • Each wax melt is its own unique scent.
  • Dimensions of each Cosy Pod: 100mm wide and 20mm high
  • Each Cosy Pod weighs approximately 80g
  • That’s approximately 480 hours of fragrance per box! (so you do get loads for your money)

as well as this you also have the other option of trying the Mini Melt Subscription box which includes;

  • 28 x highly scented, hand poured, soy wax melts.
  • 4 x different scents each month.
  • Each Mini Melt weighs approximately 5g.
  • That’s approximately 140 hours of fragrance per box.
  • and last but not least, these cuties come in a gorgeous heart shaped melt.

So yeah now I have a little collection of wax melts in my house and can’t wait to give them all a try. This was such a fun experience and I now feel just like a candle connoisseur.

Interested in your own box?

Just like any other blogger, I was indeed fortunate enough to get sent a discount code for anyone who wants to try out Cosy Candles. If you apply Ashleigh30 at the checkout you’ll receive a smashing 30% discount off your first box.

and if you don’t well, it sucks to be you! (plus your house won’t smell as good as mine)


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