The thing I love the most about living in the United Kingdom is how close we are to some of the most beautiful European cities. Being able to travel to another country in such a short amount of time is quite honestly incredible. It’s crazy to think that I could travel all the way to France and get there quicker than I could get to Cornwall, Wales or Scotland.

As I write this, I am currently in the air flying back to England from the incredible city of Prague. I won’t lie, I am pretty sure that we are about to die because we are flying in extremely snowy conditions and the turbulences are awful. Let’s just hope I can make it home safe enough to publish this post when it’s done.

I will be honest, Prague has never been a place on my list to visit but I am so glad we did. You’re probably thinking why go there if you’ve never been interested in it before? Well, I am a very wild whacky and spontaneous woman who booked a mystery getaway on a whim.


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  1. Belgium
  2. Prague, Czech Republic
  3. Poland
  4. Amsterdam
  5. Barcelona
  6. Gibraltar
  7. Paris, France
  8. Rome, Italy
  9. Venice, Italy
  10. Florence, Italy
  11. Ok so basically almost anywhere in ITALY!
  12. Budapest
  13. Athens, Greece
  14. Split, Croatia
  15. And of course, London.


I was always that person who would go away for the weekend but pack enough stuff to clothe an entire family for a week. The very first time we decided to go away with just our hand luggage I did panic.

What if I don’t have enough accessories to look cute?

What if I need different shoes for different outfits?

How am I meant to fit everything I need in a 100ml bottle?

Don’t worry it’s not as scary as it sounds, I promise! Most airlines will let you take a handbag/backpack as well as a carry on so make the most of that. We tend to fit everything we can electronically in our backpacks and then roll up our clothing for the carry on. You might end up wearing two jackets and four pairs of socks on the plane but who cares? You’re going on holiday!

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  • Phone and phone charger
  • European adapter
  • Camera & accessories
  • Sunscreen if it’s hot
  • Hats, gloves and a scarf if it’s cold
  • 1 pair of comfortable shoes to wear at the airport
  • 1 pair of nice shoes in your carry on.
  • 1 pair of trousers/leggings for the weekend
  • 2 casual tops
  • 1 dressy top and/or dress for a nice evening
  • 2 pairs of undies
  • 2 pairs of socks
  • PJS!
  • Toiletries that are under 100ml or just purchase once you are there
  • Toothbrush
  • Hairbrush
  • Any accessories you can squeeze in.


The first thing we did when we arrived in Prague was to take a trip to the well-known clothing store H&M. This was so that we could purchase hats, gloves and scarfs to prevent ourselves from freezing over. H&M was completely full of exciting new discoveries about their culture just like I had planned to learn about before we arrived… Not. Although, before we arrived I also did not know that Prague could reach temperatures of -15 in the month of February so that was a shock to the system.

A short 5-minute walk from the city centre is the stunning Charles Bridge. Here is where you can see great views from both sides of the city. You can book historical tours across here however, we bought a guidebook and done it all by ourselves for free. On the other side of the bridge, you will find many sweet little gift shops and cafes where you can treat yourself to a hot drink to warm up and of course, try the famous Czech doughnut called Trdelník.

There really is a whole load of things to do in Prague. Below you will find a rundown of our top five favourites during our child-free weekend away!

european cities

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Once you make it over the bridge you can take a secret little detour on the lefthand side. This is where we came across one of the most mesmerising things I have ever seen. It is known as the John Lennon Wall. Whether you are into art or not it is a really cool place to go and visit and I highly recommend that you do.

Unfortunately, I did not find out the story behind the wall but it did look great and it was the perfect backdrop for that Instaworthy shot!

thing to do in prague


Although we were only in Prague for 2 days we did find a few interesting places that are worth a visit. If you are intrigued and a little bit naughty like I am then I highly recommend going to the Sex Machine Museum it was surprisingly very interesting and a great laugh.

As well as this, just a short walk from the main square you will find Prague’s UV indoor Golf And Games which was really cheap and great fun. We spent a few hours in here because it was raining and ended up getting a little tipsy… oops!


Prague Castle is one of the oldest castles in the world and was definitely worth visiting. Even though it was quite a tedious climb up to the castle the views at the top were like no other! Depending on how interested you are in history I wouldn’t say that you needed to purchase an admission ticket to enjoy the beauty that the castle had to offer.

Once you make it to the top of the hill where the castle is the views are absolutely beautiful. You can see a perfect view of the Charles Bridge and the whole of the city beyond that. I won’t lie to you it was quite a tough walk up but you have to remember that I am fat. It was also completely worth it because there was a Starbucks waiting for you right at the top. It was a win-win for everyone in the end.

OLD TOWN SQUARE: (Also known as Staroměstské náměstí)

The most significant square of historical Prague, it was founded in the 12th century and has been witness to many historical events. In addition to the Old Town Hall and the Church of Our Lady before Týn, the square is dominated by the Baroque Church of St Nicholas and many other significant sites.

Here you will find an array of lovely restaurants and plenty of market huts where you can relax, warm yourself up and enjoy the local cuisine. This is where my partner and I tried our very first one of Prague’s famous sugary doughnut treat known as; Trdelník.

It was so lovely to have some time away from the daily grind of being a parent. There are so many different, unique and exciting European cities just waiting for us to visit them. I can’t wait to slowly but surely tick them all off our bucket list. Just because we are parents doesn’t mean that we don’t have dreams and aspirations too. A little weekend away every now and then never hurt anybody and I highly reccomend every couple with children do this.

Prague was just one of many child-free weekends away that we have had. I think it’s so important to still have YOU time and this is how Matt and I do it. It gives us a couple of days to explore, enjoy new experiences and make time for each other. Be one of the first to find out about our secret weekends away by following our story over on Instagram and/or Twitter.


  1. January 24, 2019 / 6:21 pm

    Loved Prague when we went! Such an affordable break with lots of beautiful places to visit!

    • January 24, 2019 / 6:30 pm

      That’s exactly what I thought 😊 thought it was a fab place to visit! Thank you for reading my post! Glad you also had a great time there!

  2. July 15, 2019 / 3:02 pm

    I am glad you had fun in Prague. Winter can be tough and the best time to visit Prague during winter is probably December. It is not too cold yet and there are loads of Christmas Markets. I would recommend going to Prague in April. It is warm but not too warm (summer is too sweaty in there) so it is quite nice to walk around the city πŸ™‚

    • July 15, 2019 / 4:00 pm

      Oh wow bet the Christmas markets are really good actually! Thank you for your advice! I’d love to go back there again πŸ˜ŠπŸ’—

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