My 2017 Advent Calendar – Blogmas Day 11

Since as long as I can remember, my dear mother has always bought me an advent calendar every year. In our house, we actually have a total of 5 advent calendars (not all involving chocolate, unfortunately). I thought for day 11 out of the 12 days of blogmas, I would share the advent traditions of my families household. As well as your typical purchased chocolate advent from the store we have 2 ornamental countdowns and we have a hand stitched one that you make yourself and hang up on the door. I must admit my brother and I are quite spoilt when it comes to Christmas but when it comes to chocolate, no one complains.

I have always been a massive Lindt chocolate fan therefore since getting a bit older and no longer wanting the cliche cartoon character styled advent, my mum has always purchased me the Lindt chocolate advent calendar. I will be honest they are a little bit pricier than most advents but they are worth the money, you truly pay for what you get with Lindor. This year was a little bit different for me as I am now living at University, 6 hours away from home. When the 1st of December arrived I was not there to get involved with the family. But was I forgotten? No, I wasn’t. My mum (Bless her heart) sent me a parcel in the post which was the gorgeous Lindt Teddy bear chocolate advent calendar. How cute!

As I’m currently not back at home yet, I can’t show you pictures of our other advents. However, you can use your imagination as I attempt to describe them the best I can. We have two beautiful little Santa ornaments in the front room which are countdowns to the big day. The first one we got was a little father Christmas falling down the chimney, each day you would remove a stick to which makes him fall closer to the bottom. Once he reaches the bottom of the chimney you know it’s Christmas and he’s made it into your house to deliver the presents. When my younger brother Kieran was born my mum decided to purchase another one. The next one we got for my brother was the same concept with the sticks however, It was Santa on his sleigh, sledging down a snowy hill. By the time Christmas day is here, Santa reaches the bottom of the hill where the children’s houses are.

We then have another one hanging on our kitchen door which is a handmade stitched countdown. We have had this one in our household since I was a very little girl and has always been part of our Christmas. I’m pretty sure my mum bought this at a Christmas market one year and for me, it’s just always been there. It is a tapestry type piece with 25 individual pockets which my mum feels up with her own sweets. It’s a really simple yet sweet concept and we’ve always loved it.

Here are just a few of the traditions my family do on the countdown to Christmas. I understand every family is completely different, some may agree and some may not which Is absolutely fine. I just thought as my blogmas is now coming to an end very soon, you might be interested in seeing a bit more about my own Christmas. I hope you enjoyed this little read and feel free to share your families traditions with me, I’d love to hear. I think it’s really interesting and cool to see how similar or different each family is and what they do with their Christmas.


  1. December 11, 2017 / 9:18 pm

    Love hearing about other people’s traditions!

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