The Great Ocean Road, Australia (Travel Diaries)

Welcome to the next part of my current series, The Travel Diaries. If you have been reading my blog for a while you will know I am passionate about travelling. Today I thought I would write a post regarding the beautiful Great Ocean Road in South Australia. I felt this post very necessary for anyone who is thinking of missing out on doing The Great Ocean Road & The Grampians due to money, time or effort. It does not take very much of any of these three so you have no excuse. It is such a wonderful experience which you will not regret doing, Therefore I would love to take five minutes of your time and tell you a little bit about my experiences and why you should go. I completed this trip in as little as 3 days and as cheap as $500 and that was for 2 adults. 

Me and my ex boyfriend who I was travelling with at the time decided to rent a camper van with the awesome Wicked Campers. At the time of the purchase they were offering a special deal on The Great Ocean road for 4 nights/3 days $299 (possibly $199 depending what time of year you go). This deal always seems to be on the website so I don’t actually think there is a time limit on this one, don’t panic. They have extremely cool designed campers, all pimped out with the funny graffiti stickers which is awesome. However the time period we went was extremely busy and I’m so upset to say we had a plain white van. My poor heart was broken but never mind.. It did the job needed.

We set off nice and early on our little “valentines weekend” excursion off the great ocean road.  Isn’t that just the cutest idea. After jumping onto the princess highway and heading through Geelong you will come to your first point off The Great Ocean Road, This being Torquay, Bells Beach. Once you reach this point you will get away from the highway and see nothing much gorgeous views of the coastline.

After this you will drive through many gorgeous little seaside towns such as Anglesea and Lorne. These are great places to stop off and have some lunch whilst in some of the local businesses. Once you arrive at Lorne you do also have the option to go and view Erskine Falls. It is a beauty, Must see! especially on a good day. I would just like to mention it is quite a long walk down to the bottom of the waterfall so it is not recommended for people with health conditions. I have no conditions and I pretty much died on the walk back up.

The next stop on your ride is Apollo bay where they serve up the best fish and chips in town. Sit by the shore and watch the waves roll in while you eat some delicious fresh fish and get attacked by seagulls (that’s how it went for us anyway). We decided to stay at a campsite here which only cost us 30 bucks for the night and was absolutely fantastic, everything provided and provided well. You don’t have to pay for accommodation as there are free campsites along the way however we decided to treat ourselves a little and stayed in town for the night.

Now is when the adventure gets real good, once you come anyway from Apollo bay your next big destination will be Port Campbell, the home of the famous Twelve Apostles. This a beautiful beach town with fantastic restaurants, beaches and all sorts of wonderful things to look at. This will be your last stop for seeing the spectacular views of the Great Ocean Road. After this you can drive all the way through to Portland which is the official end. However If you are deciding to go to the Grampians on the way you can skip this part and drive straight through to Hamilton which is where stay here for the evening.

We decided to drive from the End of The Great Ocean Road and head up to Hamilton where we started the beginning on the Grampians. I will admit the Grampians is extremely confusing how to get to the main part however if you are up for an adventure there are many paths and tracks you can take down and drive for miles. Finding some awesome views. It might just be that I am not very good at map reading and got us lost but nevermind it was an experience and a half.

Once you arrive in the town of Hamilton you will notice a street of shops and cafes with a little tourist building at the end. This is the beginning of the Grampians. Would definitely recommend just quickly popping into the building to grab a map! this way you will see all the main points you can drive to and how to plan your route for the day. It will show you where all the great waterfalls are, the amazing dynamic views and the awesome treks you can take!

There is so much to see and do on The Great Ocean Road & The Grampians. If you have a spare few days or a long weekend off work I can highly recommend this as a little adventure. Get your friends and family together and go off to experience what south coast of Australia has for grabs. Whether you are planning a trip to Oz or not, I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any questions on Australia or The Great Ocean Road do not hesitate to contact me.

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