What is there to do in Cairns, Australia

During my time in Australia I spent the a total of 2 weeks in the lovely city of Cairns and I would love to share my personal thoughts & experiences on my time here with you guys. It was a great city but I will be honest it wasn’t my favourite destination off the whole trip just because I feel its been transformed from it’s natural beauty to a more commercial setting these days. Although once you do become accustomed to it being very busy you can discover some very awesome places to visit and things to do.
One of the most common things people decide to check out once in Cairns is of course the amazing great barrier reef. This can be explored in may different ways and for many different periods of time. In all honesty I believe 1 day is plenty of time to check out this world-famous landmark and beautiful landscape. I found searching the city for the best deal on this day trip was by far the hardest thing I have ever had to do. There are so many competing companies that offer completely different deals. I was unfortunate enough to decide upon the worst one I could ever book. You will notice by my previous blog posts that I do comment on trips and tours I go on and have never given a bad review. I still wont, however I will inform you of my experience and you can decide for yourself if it is the trip for you as I completely understand every single human being has different wants, needs and opinions on life.
After searching for what feels like forever for the best deal we decided to settle with the company compass! They did an awesome deal you visit 2 of the famous outer reefs for an hour snorkelling session, bbq buffet lunch and boat trip there and back for only $109 each! This sounded perfect and everything we were looking for however it turned out to be a complete disaster for us. In the end we found out that one of the boats motor engines wasn’t working so it took us 3 hours there and back and was the roughest trip I had ever taken also due to this we only stayed at the one snorkelling spot not visiting the two. Everybody was being sick (sorry for that slight detail) which also wasn’t great. Then because of this I really didn’t feel like snorkelling once we arrived at the stop however I did decide to go in for a little while but the sea was extremely choppy so if you aren’t a strong swimmer I would extremely not recommend this for snorkelling. I won’t comment too much as I will be doing a separate post on this but I also did some snorkelling just off the Whitsunday island which was calm as could be and much better day out for your money so if you are interested in hearing a little bit more about that make sure to check out my up coming blog post as I would extremely recommend.
There we go now all the negative reviews are out the way I can tell you about some of the better experiences I have done along the way. Cairns has a lovely outdoor lagoon which is perfect for hot summers day (or winters day because lets be honest it’s pretty hot here haha) ready for you to top up your tan and relax. We spent 2 days down here chilling. It is an awesome facility however when we where there it was the school holidays and was jam packed so I would be warned for the future.  Also with this place I will be a little naughty and say if you are backpacking and travelling in your car/camper van it’s inevitable that you won’t come across showers very often so I would just like to say they have AMAZING hot showering facilities here for free so use as you will.
The next place I would like to briefly mention is the salt water and fresh water lake walks. They provide a beautiful outdoor kitchen with all the facilities to use and i’m sorry but as a backpacker currently living out of my own car this was an awesome thing for me. The best part being the electricity and plug sockets, being able to charge all of my bits and pieces which of course allows me to write these blog posts hehe. Not only do they have these but the walks around the area are very cool as well so feel free to check these out if you have a spare day.
Last but not least is located a little bit north of cairns. This is where you will come across the skyrail and scenic railway. Yes they can be a bit pricey costing us around $110 each but is well worth the day trip. there are many ways you can plan your day, obviously depending on what you would like to go on first but the trip we decided to do was spend the first part of our day in Kuranda village followed by getting the scenic rail back down to cairns and then what we did was get the sky rail back to where we started. The perfect little circle trip! You see so much along the way including things such as, waterfalls, creeks, a valley and lastly gorgeous views over looking the city of Cairns. Feel free to check out my pictures below and if that doesn’t make up your mind I don’t know what will.
I hope you enjoyed my post on the beautiful city of Cairns. Whether you are planning a trip here or are just intrigued in what the country has to offer I hope this blog post came of some sort of interest to you. Look out for my next blog post on the Townsville – Innisfail scencis route drive.

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